Professional Leakfinder & Plumbing, Durban
Leakfinder (Pty) Ltd was initially founded as a subsidiary of Alex Murray Plumbers in 1994 and Managed by Colin Newport. Upon the dissolution of Alex Murray Plumbers in 2000, Colin Newport (Registered Plumber - 1965) then purchased the business and has managed to successfully maintain the reputation of Leakfinder cc as one of Durban's most highly recommended Leak Detection companies. Leakfinder cc offers the service of leak detection on Underground and concealed water pipes. One of the company's main objectives has been to educate the consumer regarding water management techniques. We therefore initially advise the client of precautionary methods regarding failures on water pipes. The company has mastered the technique of effective gas leak detection with machinery that was specifically modified to accommodate the different requirements for residential and industrial sites, and we have therefore achieved significant success in the location of external underground leak detection.

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To provide clients with an affordable option to locate any defects in water pipes, thereby avoiding costly excavation to locate the problem.


To provide clients with quality workmanship and excellent service that exceeds customer expectation in the Plumbing Industry.