Professional Leakfinder & Plumbing, Durban
The combined application of our method and technique will locate failures at their source on every type of pipe material. It is in use daily on varying sized pipelines from 15mm diameter to 150mm diameter, with an overall length that may exceed one kilometer. Success has been achieved on a 600mm diameter x 2km pipeline.The Hydrogen Leak Locating System utilizes the latest micro-electronic sensor technology. Companies worldwide have proven that its unique features provide the most reliable system available. The hydrogen dilution is safe and well below the flammability limit. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, odourless and tasteless. Hydrogen is the smallest molecule, the lightest of all gases and rises quickly into the atmosphere from a ruptured underground pipeline allowing the equipment to record it above ground.


Leakfinder cc offers their services as leak detection specialists involved in identifying the primary issue pertaining to water loss. We also offer telephonic assistance to clients in this regard and provide water management material to clients in order to compile water consumption history. We often provide an advisory service if requested by the client, whereby we conduct site inspections, thereafter compiling a report to provide them with our professional opinion and assisting them with direction that is relevant to testing of the water pipes. We will continue to develop our leading position in the leak detection market by satisfying beyond customer expectation, through expertise, reliability, and outstanding overall service.